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Sandra Hall, a native from Houston, Texas, who was raised by her grand-parents along with her five brothers and two sisters. Hall and her siblings were adopted by her grand-parents at a young age after her mother shared a negative relationship with a man who was not her father, Hall continued to have a relationship with her mother, but never her father. So growing up in a strict home, where education and hard work was priority, Hall developed a “No Non-Sense Attitude” and took that same attitude to her ministry.

After a divorce and being left to raise two kids in the heart of 5th Ward, Hall decided she would fight and not be a victim in need, but give back and help others get on their feet and keep familes together. Hall was already known for being a leader in her neighborhood, she served faithfully under the leadership of Bishop J.L. Grace of True Deliverance Pentecostal Church for 13 years. During her time at True Deliverance, Hall served as Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School teacher and Vacation Bible School Director. After being called by God and having the blessing of her pastor, Hall started Christian Ministries, known as the Anointed Ones Ministries in January of 1999, holding its’ first service at the Sheraton Brook Hollow Hotel. Holding fast to her roots and making sure the families of the 5th Ward community had a place of hope, restoration, peace and salvation…Christian Ministries now holds its’ services in the 5th Ward/North Houston area.

As Hall continued to minister to thousands around the city of Houston and the United States, she saw a need for families who were hurting for more. So T.H.U.R.S.T (The Hurting Reached Universally Strethen) was born. Hall returned T.H.U.R.S.T to her roots, 5th Ward, to be the community resource for families to find jobs, gather food, get assistance with bills and help parents obtain their G.E.D. Since its creation in 2003, T.H.U.R.S.T has helped nearly 2,000 people.

With Hall continuing to serve the community, the Apostle started P.A.C.T (Pastor Alliance Coming Together) where pastors work together to encourage, strengthen and empower one another to help serve their church and leaders within.

Sandra Hall Ministries now serves as the umbrella for all ministries. The purpose is to build up strong families and teach core values because the church is the foundation that will strengthen and restore our families.

Apostle Hall is not only a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 3, but a graduate of Emmanuel School of the Bible, where she received an Associates and Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. She is currently attending Lonstar College where she is majoring in Sociology.